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 DEMO 1 -
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Datum vydání: 26.8.2016

Obsahuje nosičů: 1

Popis - DEMO 1:
In 2016, it is relatively rare but refreshingly authentic to discover a band that has nurtured its craft and spread its disease through more traditional underground means. Formed in shrouded obscurity in Belgium in 2011, Perverted Ceremony harnessed the ritualistic vitriol of influences such as Beherit, Archgoat, and Demoncy to record its own unique six-song promo/demo during the first half of 2012. Rather than relying exclusively on the ubiquitous convenience of the internet to spread its demented gospel, the band first circulated a handful of dubbed copies of this recording to its closest contacts and then sent a limited number of the same self-released cassette to a few respected underground distros.  It was in this time-honored way that the band caught the attention of Nuclear War Now!, who was impressed enough to offer to further the metastasis of a sound that the label immediately recognized as one inhabiting the same infernal spheres as early Beherit and Barathrum.   As such, this unholy alliance of band and label was spawned and NWN! now proudly presents the very same

01. Ceremonial Bread
02. Black Fluids
03. Midnight Orgy
04. Rites of the Sadistic Necromancer
05. Satanic Seventies Porn II
06. Perversion
07. Outro

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